5 Goal Setting Tips for 2018!

I woke up at 4am on the day of New Year’s Eve and did some journaling about the past year and some accomplishments and experiences I’d had.  I love to journal and started this practice of journaling several years ago to help me reflect, celebrate,... read more

What do you want to let go of?

Is there something different that you’re hoping for in 2018?  Maybe a new career, accomplishing a long held dream, pursuing a new passion or creating a New You? This time of year is all about reflecting and releasing so that we can make space for the New! ... read more

Why Amy Winehouse…?

I like to be intentional with everything that I do.  So when I was asked to “become” Amy Winehouse for a special local tribute show, I asked myself “Why would I choose that?” As I thought about it, I gave myself reasons: First, as a... read more

How to Give More

In this season, we are “supposed” to enjoy giving to friends, families and folks that are less fortunate.  So what if you’re not feelin it?  Maybe you’re tired, stressed or just feel like there’s not enough of you to go around. Remember... read more

3 Benefits of a Breakdown

We tend to think of a physical/mental/emotional breakdown as a bad thing.  In my world and belief system as a spiritual practitioner and enthusiast, there is really no such thing as good or bad objectively speaking – at least not in the way that we typically... read more

Monumental Change…

For many in our community monuments of civil war heroes represent the oppression, brutality and struggle of the inhumane, unconscious, unethical and unfathomable institution of slavery.  And every time they look at these structures, they are reminded of how for a... read more

“Into the Flame” – my new music album!

  I am so excited to finally be creating my first full length album!  I have wanted to do this since I was literally five years old recording with my mom in the studio (as you can see in the photo)!  My first love as a child was singing and my parents are both... read more

My Story

I grew up as the attention seeking middle child of 5 kids.  My parents were traveling gypsies (we lived all over Brazil) and were missionaries through a christian cult organization where we all lived communally.   I was raised around lots of music and beautiful values... read more

The After Math

When I heard the results of the election this morning, the first emotion that I felt was pain – heart ache in my chest.  I, like half of America (and maybe the world) today is grieving. After gazing at lots of disbelieving faces and some triumphant ones this... read more

Creative Process

So I am getting ready to perform my one woman show that I wrote “Little Bird in The Night” in approximately 56 hours!  I am so excited to share my story with everyone who will be joining me Saturday night at 6pm at Theatre Row for this special one night... read more

What if you Did Know?

How often are you looking to experts in your life? Where in your life have you decided that everyone else knows better than you do? What are you getting out of being the stuck, helpless person in love, work, life, money or business? So often when I talk to people... read more

What if Anger Was An Addiction?

What if the “dark night of the soul” is more than one night? What if anger is an addiction – much like alcohol or drugs? What if it has Nothing to do with the person you’re mad at? Recently I found myself very angry.  Someone had mistreated me... read more