When I heard the results of the election this morning, the first emotion that I felt was pain – heart ache in my chest.  I, like half of America (and maybe the world) today is grieving.

After gazing at lots of disbelieving faces and some triumphant ones this morning, I saw a friend of mine at the coffee. She is a fellow woman entrepreneur and when I mentioned my grieving this morning, she said, half jokingly that she would likely be doing that for the next four years.

“Well, we can’t afford that.” I said. There is too much to do.  We’ve got to get to work.  I shared with her Eleanor Roosevelt‘s quote which I actually read in Hillary’s Clinton‘s biography Living History.  Eleanor said, “When I get depressed, I get to work”.

As my friend replied “This is important to hear this morning”.  Our question as conscious people (which we all are) is not, how can I make everything perfect around me, but how can I cultivate my mind and body so that no matter what happens, I can enjoy my experience.  No matter what happens, I can still choose love, joy, peace or whatever I desire.


So what is there to “enjoy” or appreciate about Donald Trump being selected as Commander in Chief?  Well, he certainly has brought to the surface the discontent and frustration of many Americans and their desire for change.  He has brought difficult conversations about hate, sexism, racism and discrimination to the forefront of national conversations.  He has awakened a passion in many who both support him and vocally oppose him.  What if we could be grateful for this?

What if Donald Trump becoming President has created an opportunity for us to listen to different points of view?  What if because of hearing our friends, family, neighbors expressing opinions different from our own, that we are able to find a compassion, a love and understanding within us that we never knew?

As another wise yogi friend said, “we need to respect each other and ‘Make America Great Again’ by ‘Being Stronger Together'”.  To take it a step farther (or maybe too far too soon ; ) ), what if we could Actually tap into the energy of excitement for change and possibility that so many people believe this man to embody?

If thats not where you are.. what if you could use all the passion you feel – all the anger, hurt, discontent and use that to Fuel Your Fire?

While its important to not skip over the grieving part of the grieving process (trust me, I’m not done there either), I am also opening to new possibilities? How can I use this to my benefit and the benefit of those around me?  What can I create that Is in line with my values?  Where can I effect change and have an impact within my own life and in my community?

What can I create with all of this energy of defiance?

I went into my closet and pulled out the most flowery, feminine, expressive thing that I own (that I have not worn in a while!), put on my heels and walked my sexy butt, powerful, Goddess self out the door!


Today I am furthering my work to bring yoga, mindfulness and arts training to schools, and non profit organizations.  Today I am leading private and group yoga and healing classes to help myself, my friends and students grieve, heal and be strong as hell.  Journaling, writing this blog, breathing into my heart, relaxing tension from my gut, stoking my inner fire and zeroing my focus. Thats my response to this decision.  That’s what I can control. This is my work today.

What’s yours?


Suzy – Woman, Mother, Citizen, Entrepreneur, Yogi, Artist, Biatch, Lover, Healer, Dreamer, Doer, Be-er : )

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