I grew up as the attention seeking middle child of 5 kids.  My parents were traveling gypsies (we lived all over Brazil) and were missionaries through a christian cult organization where we all lived communally.   I was raised around lots of music and beautiful values of love, freedom and faith but also experienced the instability of growing up in this changing environment.  I was also sexually abused as a very young child from a family friend and who was responsible for my childcare.

We moved to Miami when I was ten and then Texas where I started public school in the 8th grade, after being homeschooled my entire school career.  I struggled to be accepted and be seen as “normal” in a tough atmosphere where I felt very much like an outsider.  My teenage years included a lot of self abuses like cutting, suicidal thoughts and generally very destructive behavior.  It was an exhilarating time of experimentation and searching for meaning but also a deeply troubling few years.  I was pregnant when I was 19 and married an amazing person who is very talented and creative but who was also struggling with his own demons.

Always passionate about the truth and finding out my purpose and meaning in life, I was drawn to study philosophy in college while raising my son.  I discovered yoga, breath work, meditation, music, writing and mindfulness practices by my freshman year in college and came to rely on these practices as a life line to help me relieve the intense anxiety and depression I experienced on a regular basis.

Even as I entered the professional world, I continued my creative and healing practices as a way to process difficult and overwhelming emotions.  When I saw problems like silos of class and race in our community or unequal education opportunities, I sought to address them through the arts and healing arts.  I’ve started 2 non profits and 2 for profit businesses all designed to support each person’s highest potential by building creative and supportive healing communities.

Little did I know that these skills and entrepreneurial pursuits would come in handy when I found my corporate position downsized in 2008 and I was the sole income earner in my house hold.  At one point, I was an unemployed single mom and knew there had to be a better way to create a good living doing what brings me joy (creating and serving others)! 

In the span of a few short years, I was able to move from struggling financially, with my body, battling questions of self worth and insecurities to having the best year ever.  In 2016 I made more money than I ever have – even more than when I was working an unfulfilling corporate outside sales job.  I married an incredible man, spent more time having fun with my son, took him on his dream vacation and am experiencing more joy and balance than I ever have before!  I traveled all over the country and the world for vacations and retreats and I also produced my original one woman original play “Little Bird in The Night” in New York City – a dream of mine and I did it TWICE!


Its really amazing what has changed in my life since I focused on my healing journey – financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I have less stress and can have more impact and I have the time and money I need to invest in my creative projects – like writing and producing my original plays or recording my first full length solo original album this year called “Into The Flame”.

I am so thankful not only for the blessings and ease that I currently enjoy but I also feel deep gratitude for all the trauma and drama that has brought me to where I am today.  My passion now is sharing the lessons I’ve received from teachers, coaches and from personal experience with my clients and the groups I work with.  The wellness center I founded, The Breathing Room as well as the non profit organization Breathing Access 501c3 are having tremendous impact in our community – bringing yoga and wellness tools to clients, businesses and also to 3rd graders with high trauma home environments in underserved schools. 

I went from feeling hopeless and worthless, to feeling like my life has meaning and I continue to find myself wondering “What is possible Now?”!  My dream is that I am contributing to everyone I work with to help them build the life they want to have and to step into the greatness that they truly are.  I know firsthand what its like to struggle in business, love, parenting and life and I also know that we are meant for more than survival!  My life is proof that thriving is possible and that peace and joy are our birthrights for us to claim if we choose!


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