BYOB – Build Your Own Biz!

An individualized productivity tool that helps you create consistent progress in your business through group accountability!


What the program includes:

Daily Check In
Become accountable to yourself and your entrepreneurial community.  This feels good and builds your self esteem!  You will look forward to these daily check ins!
Community Support
You Don’t Have to Do This Alone!  Create with the daily encouragement from other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who Know what you’re going through and can offer solutions and advice!
Group Coaching Calls
Twice per month, we get on a call to help you get to know the other folks in your group and get to share your knowledge or ask questions.  Suzy will be leading these calls and offering her own valuable expertise to get you unstuck and in business/project building mode!



I hate tech! Will this work for me?

Yess!!  This program is sooo easy to use!  Honestly!

And I used to hate tech as well and now it is my very good friend, helper and supporter – we have a great relationship with each other and this program has been very helpful for that!  You can vent your frustrations and challenges here and hear tips, encouragement and advice from others who are experiencing or Have experienced those Same challenges!

You are Not Alone!  : )

I'm an artist/healer/creative - Will this work for me?

I’m an artist/healer myself and both of those fields require tremendous amount of entrepreneurial practice and thinking! So Yes it will.  If you: 1. Have a project or action you’ve been putting off (be it business or creative) 2. If you have been trying to do it alone without much success (ie. its still sitting on the back burner) 3. If you’re having trouble getting started or continuing to work on it CONSISTENTLY, then Yes this is for you!

Program Start Date

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What She Said !

Suzy’s B.Y.O.B. program was a valuable tool in keeping me motivated toward my goal.  I was skeptical about “sticking to it” because I had tried so many times before but I surprised myself with how much progress I made!  I’m excited to keep going!  The information and support Suzy offered was exceptional! Sabrina Quillin

Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor


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