How often are you looking to experts in your life?

Where in your life have you decided that everyone else knows better than you do?

What are you getting out of being the stuck, helpless person in love, work, life, money or business?

So often when I talk to people about what they want, what they think the problem really is, or why they continue to choose things that do not work for them, the answer I get is “I Don’t Know.”

They truly believe that they do not have access to the answers.  That answers, wisdom, insight and intuition is as mysterious as the virgin birth. I have compassion for where they are.

I used to feel very confused by my own life and what was “happening” it it or To me.  But I don’t encourage lingering in this place for too long.  Confusion (like empowerment) is a learned response that can become habitual.

I truly believe we condition ourselves to a response of confusion and overwhelm as easily (if not more!) as we can condition a more desirable response.  Why?  Because (and I’m skipping to the punch line here) it means we don’t have to take responsibility in our own lives.

So when the question is “why do you keep choosing this same drama in your life?” and your answer is “I don’t know.”  I have to wonder:  What are you getting out of being stuck in this area?

When you are in “I don’t know” you get to be disempowered.  You get to be the helpless victim.  The one who things happen TO, not the one making things Happen!

What if you could eliminate or seriously Reduce the amount of times and situations where “you didn’t know”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of reaching out for advice, support and always learning from people who are masters in their fields.  I’m talking about something different here – where we decide we don’t know anything about anything and everything is a mystery including and especially the area we are here to explore: Ourselves.

I’m talking about relegating your own deeper knowing for the flavor and opinion of the day.  What’s even worse is when we don’t even stop to consider the source – be it a well meaning best friend with a convoluted relationship history or a caring partner with zero business experience.

One of my favorite responses when someone says “I don’t know” but I have a very strong hunch that they actually Do (and to their credit – we often hide this information from ourselves!), I ask, “If you DID Know, WHAT Would You Know?”


Lets go for a leap here.  Lets imagine for a moment that you are an infinite being or connected to the infiniteness that is Reality.  Now lets take it a step further and imagine that if you are connected in any sort of way with the infinite nature of things, that you would actually have access to some of this wisdom, power and information.

Wow.  How would you live your life?

Would you choose differently if you had access to the knowledge and understanding of infinity?

helpless person

Ok, back to earth here.  SO, wherever you have imagined yourself to be a powerless, dazed and confused helpless little creature who is left to figure out a huge universe that is separate and unintelligible (vs. one you are intimately connected to and participating with), are you willing to release and uncreate this idea?

What would be required of you if you were more powerful?  What would be required of you if you had 5% more knowledge or wisdom?

What would it take to live our lives from a place of powerful knowing, trusting, understanding, intuiting?  Anything that does not allow for this life, we can release and uncreate.

At some point, you created the idea of being small.  Why don’t create a new idea that works better for you?

In Love and Gratitude : )


love and gratitude

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