Is there something different that you’re hoping for in 2018?  Maybe a new career, accomplishing a long held dream, pursuing a new passion or creating a New You?

This time of year is all about reflecting and releasing so that we can make space for the New!  Sometimes to create or make space for that new thing, there’s some stuff we have to let go of!

Wherever you’re holding on to stress, old traumas and dramas, anxiety or perfectionism, are you Ready and Willing to let go of that – Just a little bit?

It’s almost understandable Why we hold on to these things!  Often, we think they will serve us in some way (by helping us stay on track, keep it all together, protect our heart or keep us safe).  But what fear really does is create these Big Castle Walls around you and keep you stuck – WALLED up inside!

How brave, how freeing would it feel to allow these walls to melt – just a little bit?  What would you be able to see, hear, feel and create without them?  What would your Body feel like with its defenses softened?

But, if I release My defenses, that Leaves me Defenseless!

What if softening your Defenses (like control, stress, anxiousness, reaction-ism) actually Create more Awareness; and increased ability to See, Choose, Hear, Be AND…

What If this Big Awareness becomes you new Super Power that Guides You to True Safety which is more closely connected to Oneness or the Truth of Who You Are.

But, I’ve spent so much of my Life Surrounded By these protective Walls!  I’m Scared to let them go!

I get it!  I do!  Its so Understandable!  These alls have served you for a very long time – its Natural to rely on them – to grow attached to them.  Anxiety, stress, fear were the tools, the mechanism you used to Keep yourself “safe” in the Best Way You Knew How!  It can be Very Scarey to let go of the only Security you’ve ever known!


What if you’re ready for a New Set of Tools?!

For a new experience of True Safety that only You can provide for yourself?  What if those tools that worked before are no longer serving you now?  What Can you Choose Now?  In this Moment – from a place f greater Knowledge, Compassion, Understanding, Love and Experience?

Click HERE for more info on Creating the Ultimate You 2018 ! – a comprehensive, highly effective, customized, life enhancing experience that I have designed to Support You – wherever you are with your goals, challenges and journey!!


Wishing you a Happy Holiday filled with friends and family – and free of anything that would keep you from appreciating and enjoying them!





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