suzy-on-guitarI am so excited to finally be creating my first full length album!  I have wanted to do this since I was literally five years old recording with my mom in the studio (as you can see in the photo)!  My first love as a child was singing and my parents are both still professional musicians. This album is my dream and I am So fortunate to be working with incredibly talented local musicians here is Winston Salem including bass player and Music Director John Ray, drummer Jonathan Green and Music Producer John Wilson!

You can read more about my campaign as well as the non profit I founded that this album fundraising campaign will actually help to support!  Check it out here:


I have been playing with suzy-and-the-bandother amazing local musicians for years and enjoyed supporting them with violin and back up vocals and now it is My Time to own this creative flow and create new original music.  A lot of people ask me about the style of the album so here is a description that I submitted in a grant proposal to the Winston Salem Arts Council (which I received!):

“The musical style of this album will be folk – honoring the local aesthetic in North Carolina supported by a jazz feel as its foundation. Suzy grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil listening to Bossa Nova artists like Elis Regina, Jorge Bem and Milton Nascimento. Her parents interestingly enough, made their living singing country and bluegrass as they traveled Brazil.  Suzy’s approach has evolved to merge and accommodate these two different but complimentary styles in a very unique way. This project will also enable her to capture some of her original songs that have been featured in her plays and put them into a professional recording.

Like all my work, this musical play is based on my most intimate and personal experiences. The arts are a way for me to cathartically and sometimes joyfully deal with pain and suffering so that it transforms into maximum benefit for all involved. I hope my work inspires others to create their own work and to vulnerably share their own messy experiences. I have been surprised and truly humbled at the impact of my work on others – women in tears after the performances saying this work really touched them or that they had been through something similar in their own lives.

This work fits into my mission as an artist to empower others – women especially to find their voice, to heal, and to truly live the lives of our own designing. As a musician, I crave hearing voices of women that are honest, true and beautiful. I also yearn for sounds that weave together a jazz feel with a folk style story telling – something rare indeed.”

Please help me complete this project and get this baby out into the world!  Much love and thanks to those amazing people that have already supported me in this endeavor and thank you to you in advance for being a part of this special project!!


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