All my life I thought I wasn’t talented with technology.

I had always been called creative and I thought of myself that way, but technology?  No way.

It actually took something of a crisis for me to decide it was time for me to take this weakness and turn it into strength.

I had hired someone to help create a website for me and I realized it was going to take more time, effort and energy to create the website in this way than it would take for me to create it on my own.

Plus, I realized over the course of my life as a coach, healer, artist and entrepreneur, that I would likely need many websites and what could be more empowering than being able to create my own sites and virtual content?

Even though I appreciated the value of learning these skills, I never thought it would be Fun!

But when I started to really learn new stuff and I started to realize I could imagine something in my head and actually turn it into “reality on the web”, I started to get excited – forgoing opportunities to browse on facebook or watch my favorite show, so I could build my website.

I even started to spend holidays or days off doing little updates here and there.  I was on fire with my new joy, my new passion for learning something new and using it to bring me closer to my goals for my life and my business.

I feel better able to channel my creative energy in directions that serve my business and ultimately serve my clients instead of just being discouraged all the time when faced with my technological limitations.

So what changed?

I asked myself.  What was the switch that flipped me from being “technology challenged” to “technologically savy” or “tech friendly” as I like to think of it.

It was all psychological.  Tony Robbins says that our problems are “80% psychological and 20% mechanical”.  That was it!  My problem was not that I was actually “inferior” in my technological skills.  My problem was that I Thought I Was.

A famous guru once said “any identity you hold, is limiting.”  Meaning any of the ways that we define ourselves (through family, skills, money, geography, personality) are all inherently limiting. The truth of the matter though, is that we are limitless creatures.  So any time we define ourselves like “I am a great mom” or really sweet person, it ultimately ends up holding us back because we will refuse the other parts of us that are also “an independent human being” or “a total and complete bitch” – when appropriate.

The goal is not to be a certain way but to have all ways of being available and open to us in every given moment!

The way I was thinking about my self and what was possible for me – was actually what was standing in the way of my taking a next big step.

I began to think… What if I could be Curious…?  What if I just could be curious enough to buy a domain, watch a how to video or ask a friend which wordpress theme she uses?

What if I could replace my “Knowing” that I am “just not gifted” in this area with a simple question? Like, “hm I wonder how this is done?”

While I’m at it, what if I could extend my curiosity about websites to creating sales funnels, design simple graphics, create a youtube channel?

I find myself to be an intelligent person in other areas of my life, why not this one?

What if I have been the only one holding myself back?

As one of my favorite yoga teachers, Stephanie Keach, would say when asked yet again about how to work with sciatic pain or something of the sort, “its a worldwide web yall” – meaning, google it!

Now, if I don’t know how to do something, I get curious about it and look it up.

No longer limited by an identity defined as “I am creative but not technological”.  I am now free to be curious about who I am, what skills I possess and what skills I am capable of learning.


What if Curiosity trumps conclusions and limitations of identity every single time?  : )

In All Curiousness,



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